Our Aim

  1. To provide the excellent and traditional Ayurvedic medical education to students into good environment so that they become competent and can satisfy the needs of society in traditional health care.
  2. To promote Ayurveda in every form and to encourage the establishment of cultivation, collection & marketing of medicinal herbs.
  3. To organize medical check up camps for diagnosis and treatment with Ayurvedic remedies including yoga, panchakarma & nature therapy.
  4. Proper exposure of Ayush students to community to understand community & social determinents of health to aid their contribution towards achieving the national health outcome goals.
  5. To conduct medical projects related to national programmes and health education for the people of rural areas.
  6. To organize workshops, seminars for various issues of Ayurveda & medicine.
  7. To organize various extension activities for students to cultivate social and moral values