Rajiv Lochan Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital

 Serving to Health

In a world degenerated by pollution and unhealthy lifestyle an ancient Indian science of Ayurveda holds the key to good health. Relying largely on the human body’s inherent capacity for healing, it offers a treatment system that is free from side effects.

It is to bring you the benefits of this time tested system of medicine that the Rajiv Lochan Ayurveda Hospital at Chandkhuri was established. A unit of the Yuva utthan samiti Educational Trust, the Hospital is guided by the noble traditions of Shree Ram Sharma Acharya, the venerated pilgrim centre of Chhattisgarh. 

With a tradition of over twelve years, the Hospital is today a widely acclaimed centre for natural healing, which attract patients even from other state. Hospital offer treatment and surgical remedies for ailments that are affordable and reliable. Hospital is attached to the college with strength of 60 beds.

OPD: Rajiv Lochan Ayurvedic Hospital has a full-fledged out-patient departments with facilities for consultation by various doctors having specialities in respective fields, short duration therapies and modern diagnostic procedures.

OPD Timings [Effective from 15.01.2021]

Computerized Registration of Patient is being done at Central Registration Section.

Central Registration are charged 05 Rs. for all Patient.

OPD Registration and Token distribution time 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.

after getting token Patient free to consult in OPD 

Morning Shift OPD Time 9:00 am to 4:00 pm 

After OPD time Patients are treated in casualty 

 OPDs in different branches of Ayurveda

  • Kayachikitsa
  • Panchakarma
  • Shalya Tantra
  • Shalakya Tantra
  • Kaumarbhritya
  • Prasuti and stree roga
  • Swasthya Rakshana
  • Casualty

IPD: Hospital offers variety of treatment for both preventive health care and treatment of ailments. The treatment offered are varied, encompassing almost the entire range of Ayurvedic remedies. Alternate disciplines like yoga and physiotherapy provide an integrated approach to recovery.

Specialist consultation timings (9:00 AM to 3:00 PM)



Department wise bed strength in the Hospital

       Sl.    Name of the Department                                              No. of beds in position

  1. Kayachikitsa (Panchakarma, Rasayana, Manasa Roga etc)                30
  2. Shalya Tantra                                                                                        10
  3. Shalakya Tantra                                                                                     5
  4. Kaumarbhritya                                                                                       5
  5. Prasuti Tantra & Stri Roga                                                                     10

          Total                                                                                                   60                          

Pathology Laboratory:

All necessary pathological investigations are carried out with latest available equipments & procedures. Heamatological, urinary, biochemical & serological investigations are carried out in laboratory.

X-ray & ECG facility: For diagnosis  and therapeutic evaluation,  various invasive  &  non-invasive diagnostic facilities are made use of.

Operation theatre (Major OT & Minor OT.): Well equipped Major O.T. is present for Ayurvedic & modern surgical procedures. Ayurvedic parasurgical procedures agnikarma, Ksharkarma, raktamokshana are performed in minor OT.

Labour room & O.T.: Full fledged maternity section is functioning to treat gynecological & obstetric problems.

Natural Healing – With a Modern Touch:

  1. Scientific administration of Ayurvedic therapies in hygienic conditions supported by modern technology and aseptic procedures.
  2. Well equipped emergency facilities to handle casualty.
  3. Modern clinical methods for diagnosis and evaluation of treatment.
  4. Laboratory and diagnostic facilities like X-ray, ultra-sound and ECG.
  5. Full-fledged operation theatre for general surgeries.
  6. Maternity ward to handle deliveries and post-natal care.