Rajiv Lochan Ayurvedic Medical College

Important Notice for Students

  1. Report college on 21/12/2020
  2. There will be Practical Classes from 21/12/2020 to 2/1/2021
  3. Complete your practical records and compilation during this period
  4. Get your practical records and compilation between 4/1/2021 to 9/1/2021 compulsory
  5. After 9/1/2021 Practical Records and Compilation will not be checked and you will be responsible for deduction of marks of practical records/Compilation in Final Practical examination


  1. Make sure before reporting to college your RTPCR COVID Test is done maximum before three days only .After RTPCR test come within three days and after 3 days it will considered as invalid and you have to again do the test.
  2. Only RTPCR Test is valid Rapid Antigen will be not accepted