Rajiv Lochan Ayurvedic Medical College

Well equipped ECG room with 24×7 facility of ECG. Electrocardiogram is a non invasive cardiac diagnostic procedure. Clinicians in the hospital advise ECG for patients to detect heart problems. It is routinely used to asses the electrical and muscular function of the heart. ECG is a simple test performed by nursing staff and interpretation & result of ECG is given by medical expert.

Operation Theatre (Major O.T. & Minor O.T.)

Hospital is having well equipped Major O.T. for ayurvedic & modern surgical procedures. Ayurvedic parasurgical procedures. Ayurvedic parasurgical procedures agnikarma, raktamokshana are performed in Minor O.T.

Labour room & O.T.

Full fledged maternity section is functioning to treat gynecological & obstetric problems.