Rajiv Lochan Ayurvedic Medical College

Department of Kriya Sharir


This department deals with Ayurved Kriya Sharir as well as modern physiology. Sharir Kriya is the science, which deals with the study of human body in relation to its physiological norms i.e. functioning of human body in its normal state. The whole purpose of Kriya Sharir is to explore the normal functions of the living organism, their principles, their mechanism and their actions. According to Ayurveda, sharir kriya deals with the various basic concepts of Ayurveda as Dosha, Dhatu, Mala, Agni, Manas, Atma, etc. Physiology is a branch of basic medical sciences which describes the nature of life. Physiology has an important role in the curative, promotive and rehabilitative health care. Studying ‘Kriya Sharir’ (physiology) is very important as it is the base of treating any disease, our aim is to equip the students in the discipline of normal body functions according to Ayurveda as well as modern physiology by imparting knowledge and understanding structures and functions of human and biological systems based on experiments and training.


  • Explain the basic concepts of human physiology in Ayurveda
  • Provide a good platform for BAMS students to understand the intricacies of normal body functions.
  • Conduct regular assessments both in theory as well as objective structured practical exams.
  • To analyze and record the fundamental parameters relation to physiology like Deha Prakriti, Dhatu Sara in a healthy individual.
  • Improve performance of the students by class seminars, group discussions, presentation by concept posters, or working models or PPT presentations.

Departmental Features

  1. Computer and internet facility.
  2. Departmental library is well maintained with maximum number of books.
  3. The department is fully equipped with latest equipments and instruments.
  4. Models of various systems and charts are displayed for better visualization.
  5. The department has its own laboratory where different tests are performed like heamatological, biochemical etc and clinical examination.
  6. Department caters to students study materials using advanced techniques for teaching including audio-visual aids.

Staff List

Sr.  No.Name QualificationPost
1Dr. Manjusha SonpipareBAMS, MD (Sharir Kriya)Professor
2Dr. Yogeshwar PandeyBAMS, MD (Sharir Kriya)Lecturer
3Mr. Champalal SahuB.Sc + DMLTLab.Tech.

Some Images of the Department