Rajiv Lochan Ayurvedic Medical College

Neck, Back & Joint Problems ​

Neck, Back & Joint Problems are caused by degeneration resulting from Diet, lifestyle, Stress, Posture and other factors.​

Stroke & Development Neurology

Stroke patients are typically left under the care of the family members after the acute care at a hospital is over. Ayurvedic treatment helps in restoring normal function.


Rheumatic diseases are a group of auto-immune connective disuse disorders and are growing in incidence over the years.​



Panchakarma is the vital mind body healing therapy for detoxifying the body, strengthening the immunity, restoring balance of doshas, reducing stress, enhance immunity and skin lusture. ​

Preventive Medicine​

Rasayana (Rejuvenation) Restores the body’s vitality to its fullest keep body capacity young and energetic, improves skin glow, physical & mental power and immunity.​

General Medicine​

The General Medicine department of the hospital, offers effective ayurvedic treatment for chronic diseases.

Raktamokshana (Jalaukavacharana)​

Raktamokshana means removing vitiated blood from the body, it is a localized treatment. Extraction of vitiated blood from the body by using Jalauka​


1. It is a highly potential procedure than the bheshaja, shastra & ksharakarma 2. It is very effective to terminate the chance of recurrence of the disease. 3. No infection 4. No secondary complication 5. Useful in calconeal spur, Frozen shoulder, tennis elbow.

Kshar Sutra Therapy in Fistula-in-ano and other Ano-Rectal Disorders

Women's Health & Fertility

Women in India face a multitude of health problems poor maternal health often affects a child’s health Antenatal care services ensures health of mothers

Swarnaprashana for children

Improves intelligence, concentration, memory, physical strength, digestion & metabolism, increases immunity hence reduces frequent infection and illness.

Malnutrition in children

Efforts are made to build the capacity of mothers/caregivers through counseling and support to identify the nutrition and health problems in their child. Providing medical and nutritional therapeutic care