Rajiv Lochan Ayurvedic Medical College


Prasuti Tantra Avum Stree Roga is an important clinical department in ayurved hospital. It involves ayurvedic concepts of Prasuti Tantra and Stree Roga as well as modern concepts of obstetrics and gynaecology. Here we deal with diseases and treatment of female reproductive system and also the management of pregnancy, labour and puerperium (after delivery management). The complete care of woman health with an integrative approach is taken

The unique ayurvedic pre-natal, antenatal and post- natal care aims for safe delivery and healthy mother and child.

In-patient unit deals with the disorders of the woman and its management. It creates health awareness regarding dietary habits, lifestyle modifications to prevent gynecological ailments and maintenance of personal hygiene resulting in reduction of morbidity and mortality rate. The department provides hands on training in medical and surgical management to scholars.

Departmental Features

Departmental museum possesses many unique specimens (of female genital systems in normal and abnormal forms, foetuses), charts and CDs. Museum showcases models depicting ayurvedic anatomy, physiology & embryology relevant to Prasuti-Streerog subject. There are real bone models of female pelvis, foetal skull, plaster of paris models of foetal growth during pregnancy, female pelvis with abdomen.Department has excellent clinical facilities including well equipped, spacious operation theatre, labour room, seperate rooms for ayurvedic procedures and private rooms/semi-private rooms/general ward for IPD.

Departmental Initiatives

  • Prepare the graduates and specialists to cater to the health needs of  the woman
  • Training the scholars to teach Ayurveda obstetrics and gynecology in academia
  • Exploring the unexplored areas of research in Ayurveda obstetrics and gynecology
  • To excel in the delivery of specialized Ayurveda medical care education.
  • To promote age old concepts of menstrual regimen, prenatal, natal and postnatal regimen, suvarnaprashan.

Staff List

Sr.  No. Name  Qualification Post
1 Dr. Rumeena Khan BAMS, M.S. (Prasuti  Tantra & Stri Roga) Reader
2 Dr. Neha Verma BAMS, M.S. (Shalya Tantra) Lecturer
3 Mrs. Mamta 12th Pass Attendant

Some Images of the Department