Rajiv Lochan Ayurvedic Medical College


Rasashastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana is one of the most important branches of ayurveda. It is Ayurvedic pharmaceutical science basically deals with the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines using mercury, various metals, minerals and also various herbs. This subject is a part of syllabus of 2nd year BAMS Course. Department deals with identifications, collection, selection of herbs and minerals and preparation of various formulations like Churna, Avaleha, Arishta, Bhasma, Vatis. The Department is fully equipped with various equipments, instruments, models, charts, specimens. Department having own teaching pharmacy where students learn to prepare various types of Ayurvedic medicines such as Churna, Vati, Guggul, Asava-Arishta, Sneha Kalpana, Kshar and Lavana, Bhasma, Kupipakwa Rasayan.

Our quality testing laboratory provides various modern analytical instruments and some research practicals are performed here. Analytical study of the medicines prepared in our pharmacy are done in the laboratory for the purpose of Standardization.


  1. Enable to graduates to prepare formulations for medical practice.
  2. To develop skills for the establishment of Ayurveda Pharma Industry.
  3. Built up a strong foundation for future Ayurvedic pharmacists & Rasavaidyas.
  4. Arrange visits to various govt. approved pharmacies.

Departmental Features

  1. Well equipped laboratory containing various instruments, well designed museum with charts, specimens, models.
  2. Well maintained departmental library.
  3. Quality testing laboratory provided with various modern analytical instruments. The physico-chemical tests of the medicines prepared in our pharmacy are done in the Research laboratory for the purpose of quality control.
  4. Preparation of most of the ayurvedic medicines in our pharmacy for OPD & IPD of our hospital.
  5. We prepare bhasma by traditional & furnace method. Kupipakva Rasayan like swarna vanga, samir pannaga.
  6. Preparation of swarnaprasha kalpa and active participation in the swarnaprashan camp.

Staff List

Sr. No.Name QualificationPost
1Dr. Rakesh BramhankarBAMS, M.D. (Rasa – Shastra)Reader
2Dr. Aishwarya PandeyBAMS, M.D. (Rasa – Shastra)Lecturer
3Mr. Gajanand12th PassLab Tech
4Mrs. Parwati VermaDMLTLab Assistant