Rajiv Lochan Ayurvedic Medical College

The Kaumarbhritya department (Ayurveda Paedicatrics) provides holistic care beginning from Intrauterine life upto 16 years of the child. It focuses on ensuring healthier growth and development of children The speciality vividly deals with newborn and pediatric care with a great deal of scientific touch to nutrition, immunity including growth and development, Samskaras (ceremonies), Diseases, Graha rogas (Infectious diseases), treatments and drug doses. The purview of the specialty has been extended up to antenatal care and postnatal care of mother too. In our Kaumarbhritya OPD we organize free checkup of malnourished children & distribution of medicines prepared in RLAM College Pharmacy. Swarnaprashan Sanskara camps to build up immunity in children.